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‘And I in my dreams, behold the Hesperides

My life has been a questing voyage
Across eternal seas,
In search of the golden apples
And the heart’s own Isles of Ease.

They lie beyond the Western realms
Or somewhere there afar,
In oceans where the great winds blow
And burns the Evening Star.

The air is full of music there
And laughter soft and clear,
And happiness and beauty
And – she is waiting there.

They said my dreams were phantoms,
False Indies of the mind,
But I believed my prophets
And vowed to seek and find.

Through massy seas and craggy reefs
My weather`d ship has fought,
Yet still her shotten war-flags fly,
And still she heads for port.

We must sail on – there is no choice,
Though hope has almost gone:
I cannot leave the splintered wheel
Until the battle’s won.

Yet though I never reach the Isles,
My sibyls were not wrong,
And even as the land recedes
The helmsman cries: “Fight on”.

Michael Thurstan Bassett – ‘Vignettes of Childhood and Other Poems’
31.12.1932 – 27.06.2015