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Scan of SonnetSonnet became all sadly-thoughtful after I read the piece about the flower to him (see yesterday’s post) and not to be outdone by Wordsworth decided to write his own little poem about it.
He has asked me to put it on the blog because he doesn’t know how to (little does he know that I’m not too sure either! But let’s give it a “go” and see what happens!).


 It flowered but a moment,
But in that time it cast
Its fragile beauty
On the passing hours
And sang with silent joy:
A joy made yet more perfect still
Because it could not last.

I threw it away this morning:
An ugly, withered stalk:
Now all that wond’rous beauty
But a miracle of thought.
The dancing hours did give thee birth,
The wind and sun their song:
Look, laughing, come the boys and girls:
Be quick – they’ll soon be gone.

@Thurstan Bassett