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I once tried, for the fun of it, to “fake” a Rembrandt (above) and I reckon that if one got hold of some 17th century paper etc., etc., it could be done fairly easily. BICBW!
(Of course, I’m speaking of small sketches and engravings not of large-scale oils – those one couldn’t get away these days, I’m sure).
Of course, the so-called experts always say AFTER the event, that they knew that such-and-such a canvas was a fake, but one can’t help wondering just how many paintings now in galleries around the world are, in fact, forgeries.
It’s curious, too, that an original Van Gogh (for example) will fetch millions while a mere copy is considered valueless. There’s a lot of humbug in the art world!
Anyway, out of curiosity, is there anyone else who has ever had the crazy urge to try their hand at forging a famous artist’s work? It would certainly be fun to see a collection of such items.