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I meant to include this drawing with my article (“A modern-day Flying Dutchman” below).

As I mentioned, having no camera I had no option but to make a few sketches of my own. This one was of a small coastal trader taking on a few supplies in the Ivory Coast somewhere.

There is, of course, nothing to compare to a really good photograph, but I cannot help feeling sometimes that cameras are extremely cold and impersonal things, and that one can often get more pleasure from ones own stumbling attempts to record a particular moment or a scene, than from any photograph however perfect it may be. Afterall, everyone can draw if they try. I realise the experts will be out for my blood after having made such heretical statements, but in defence I can only ask: do we not treasure, for the very same reason, our own children’s first-ever hand-drawn birthday card or letter saying “I luv you Mummy/Daddy” far more than any mass-produced, stereotyped card (or email!) however perfect it may be?